Two Roses

Sometimes in the last stages of a painting, when it is almost fully realized, I add certain elements to make the painting complete. In this case, without the red petals on the left side of the painting it just wouldn't feel well balanced with the weight of the flowers and vase dominating the right side of the painting. A dash of color is often all that is needed to make a painting feel complete.

A 25-minute video demo is in the works for this painting...coming soon!

Also, for those interested, this painting can be shipped in time for Valentine's Day.

9x12 inches, Oil on linen mounted on birch.


Vicki said...

Very nice, Justin. This is beautiful work.

Sonica said...

Really stunning!!
oil Painting

Mariusz Kornatka said...

very cool

mvi said...

photo to painting this painting is so beautiful