Arizona Saguaros

10x8 in., oil on linen panel

I visited family in Tucson, Arizona this past week and it was seriously hot. I'm amazed anything lives out there let alone humans. I managed to get out of the comfortable air conditioned house to explore the area and found some interesting sights... like these saguaros. They are such funny shapes in the landscape... like very still silhouettes of people scattered around the desert.

Speaking of people in deserts, my sister-in-law, Sabrina, lives in Tucson and happens to be an artist herself. She paints these wonderful watercolor illustrations that I love. The painting below is of my son, Jack. She paints commissions so go take a look! Slovly.com


Anonymous said...

Awww you mentioned me!! Thanks. Sorry you couldn't handle the Sonoran Desert heat! I'll bet you didn't even get out of the air conditioned car to paint the saquaros. haha.

Vicki said...

This one is perfectly sweet!!! I love your work Sabrina! -- Vicki

devin said...

I just bought another version of photoshop so I dont think the Saguaros are in my budget, but I'm really curious to see them. I love Tucson.

Justin Clayton said...

O.K. the image should be working now.

The Saguaros have returned!