Comments are ON and Video

Hi guys, no painting for today but I did want to let you know a couple of things.

First, comments are now enabled on my blog so feel free to comment on the posts if you'd like.

Second, I put together a short video of the Two Stawberries painting I did awhile back. If you can't see the video below go here. Or you can view the painting video on youtube. Enjoy.



sandra corey said...

Enjoyed the strawberries painting video clip. As with the first video I saw of yours, I am trying to learn from watching while not missing the pure joy of the painting process.

Thanks for letting us in.

J. Richard Secor said...

Brilliant - just Brilliant!!!

tina said...

I think you are just paying real attention to what you are painting and that shows from the video. I like your technique and ability to put in the finer touches whilst leaving the background to get on with itself. I like this pull of focus.

Ian Mood said...

Inspirational - Thanks for posting!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been admiring your work for a while now. I have few questions, I hope you don't mind... What kind of brushes do you use? (synthetic, bristle) On your video they seem quite soft.
What kind of solvent do you use?
Thanks in advance.

Cheryl Pass said...

Thanks for the video....and letting us tell you (in comments) how much we enjoy your work!!
Very fun...wonderful painting.

Justin Clayton said...

Thank you.

Nantucket, I use a range of brushes but usually preferr using soft flat sables. The ones seen in the video are Langnickel 5590 series brushes. As for solvent I use oderless mineral spirits... Gamsol to be exact.

jilly ballantyne said...

Justin, this is a fantastic clip, so glad I found it! You really make less look more. The adding of details and highlights at the end are like the good finale in a film, where the plot all comes together.
It makes me want to paint and put great music on.