Midday Sky

Available framed upon request:
Midday Sky
6x6 inches - Oil on linen panel


Marilyn Flanegan said...

I so admire how you nail the values without being distracted by color and thereby make the most of a limited palette. beautifully done.
i'm curious - do you know why the Daily Paintworks emailer now stretches the posted paintings, making the 6x6s look like 6x8s?

Justin said...

Thanks Marilyn!

Concerning the newsletter... It seems to show up in my email just fine so I'm not sure what's going on. Just to make sure...you're speaking of the www.dailypaintworks.com email and not the emails I send, is that right? Is it just my paintings or all artists paintings showing up this way? Thanks for the heads up.

Marilyn Flanegan said...

Only the DPW daily emailer I subscribed to appears to horizontally stretch all paintings posted. Then when I click to go to the DPW site, all paintings seem accurate to their dimension listed.
It could be my system as I've not been able to sumbit work to the challenges either - which are wonderful by the way, congratulations!

Jean Charles said...

very very nice sky I think. Sorry for the bad english, I'm French, but thank you for this greats painting !!
My painting blog : http://jeancharlesdecoudun.fr

Kevin Wallace said...

Love this painting, more like I love all these paintings. You have a great style that is very captivating. Fun for a young artist like myself to come and enjoy these great paintings and learn from them.