M&M's 5x5 in.

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jilly ballantyne said...

Hi Justin
love the m&m's! was surprised to see Darren painted the same subject, do you paint together or was it just a coincidence? when i teach art it delights me how 6 different artists painting the same objects get such different results.
Looking forward to your next one

Darren Maurer said...

Coincidence Jilly. I was surprised too. One time Peter Yesis and I both painted a chocolate chip cookie with a glass of milk on the same day and neither one of us had talked to the other one. Great minds think alike I guess.

Justin Clayton said...

That's funny... yes it's a coincidence. Same subject matter and similar compositions... the stars must have been aligned.

jilly ballantyne said...

I think you both have a secret contract with M&M's! A deal involving a lifetime supply of sweeties?
... I guess it's no stranger than two women turning up at a party in the same dress.
In any case both are lovely paintings.
And thank you for your kind encouragement, Justin for my chair painting- I was a bit blocked today - I will endeavour to finish it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

great still lifes! I've used this particular painting to show to my year 9 students. Hope that's ok. I think this kinda subject matter would appeal to them.
Keep up the painting! I've stopped for a while now.. I MUST start again. I must.