blue sky no.6

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Here's a good one from John Carlson, a great landscape painter:
The sky is the key to the landscape. Its majesty permeates outdoor nature. It is the dictator of conditions and of moods--not alone the moods of nature, but our own as well. I know that there are men who never see the sky at all. A certain man of our hills at Woodstock once said: "You know, before you artists got here, I never used to see the sky."


Cheryl Pass said...

Sweet! (as in great!)

Ann Reyes said...

Very nice painting!

Art by Laura said...

your work is beautiful,
I think that your resolution is inspiring and that painting every day sharpens your skills and your eyes.
i have a question about how you put in your photos so that they can be enlarged in another window. can you tell me how you do it?? Thanks!
Mind the grind

adebanji said...

Great stuff, thanks for the link to John Carlson, I used to "munch" his landscape book in my college library back in the days in Nigeria. You make me want to get that book again!

Don said...

really nice work. I specially like this one.