two strawberries 5x7 in.

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Strawberries... I think I've been avoiding this subject matter for a while. It 's probably because the last time I made a go at it, I got really upset at the berries for not being good painting subjects. Yeah sure, a more reasonable explanation would be that I was not paying attention and observing what was in front of me well enough to paint them correctly; the truth hurts. It's quite a sight, seeing a grown man get upset at berries. Anyway, the berries were behaving themselves today and I'm happy with today's painting.

Hope you're all well and enjoying the holiday season. I wanted to also mention a new website of daily painters that I'm involved with, Daily Paintworks. There have been a lot of painters challenging themselves to paint something everyday and posting them online. I'm proud to be associated with this group of 12 great daily artists. Be sure to check it out at DailyPaintworks.com


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