Two Sketches

A couple of recent sketches from downtown Salt Lake City,  Courthouse.  It was a beautiful sunny day that ultimately submitted to grey sky's and white snow.  Winter is just around the corner.

Clock Tower
8x6 inches - Oil on linen panel

Clock Tower
8x6 inches - Oil on linen panel


Ed Cooper said...

Hi Justin,

These look great!...what blues do you use? or make? You get great colour in your work!

Taryn Day said...

It's great to see some landscapes. I love the suggestive brushwork- very beautifully done pieces.

Donna MacDonald said...

beautiful work!!

Justin Clayton said...


Ed, I always have cobalt blue and ultramarine blue on my palette. On sunny days like this I add cerulean blue to the palette.

sonja moser said...

dear Justin, i am becoming quite a fan of your work, especially your landscapes. they remind me of where i grew up in Austria. your brushstrokes are so courageously free, but holding the piece together beautifully.

London Accountant said...

This is so cool. Do you use a palette knife?

I like the way you've managed to capture the linearity of the clock tower even as it seems to dissolve into the sky.

And the fountain, I love the way you've "focused" onto the statue - almost photographic.

Justin Clayton said...

Thanks London... Nope no palette knife on this one. The paint is actually applied pretty thinly.

Frank Zweegers said...

Very nice! I love the tower painting, especially the combination of blue-sky and brown-tower colours. it looks so natural. I like it a lot!

Mitchelle Adams said...

Excellent job Mister!

efrain vidal said...

Got by chance to your blog. I really like your work Justin, very inspiring. Keep up the good work!

Cheoy Lee said...

These are beautiful!