Peeled Orange

peeled orange painting
6x6 in., oil on linen panel
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Chris Sauter said...

Your paintings are fantastic! I was looking for an image of a Tuscan Cantaloupe for my cantaloupe ice cream post - the melon I used was so ripe, the stripes were yellow and I wanted to show how they usually are green. I typed in "tuscan cantaloupe" into google images and found your awesome painting which led me to your site. What a great find! I hope its OK, I included an image of your painting in my ice cream recipe post along with a link to your blog:


Thanks for the inspiration! -Chris

Daniel Fishback Fine Art LLC said...

Very nice still life paintings. I'll bet is is hard to come up with something inspirational day after day but you do a great job of it.


Pat Atencio said...

Very nice paintings. I wish I could get myself to be as prolific as you are.