In The Brush 6x6 in.

in the brush painting
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"All painting is abstract". I don't remember who coined that phrase... it's slipped my mind. Maybe you know? It certainly makes sense to me. Painting is just blobs of paint strokes made with a brush organized to make a picture. Some blobs are just more refined than others.


Rob Carey said...

Very warm- pleasing to the eye, calming.

Nel said...

In American Artist Magazine from January, 2006, there's an article about Frank LaLumia, where he says this, "On this level, all paintings are abstract." That's probably not the only person to ever make that statement, but it's one, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I really like your blog so have tagged it on mine so others can see it too.

I think Picasso said all paintings are abstract.

Your landscapes are really free and spontaneous.

Matt Dickson said...