No.2 Pencil - $1 auction

Bids start at $1. This is a 3 day auction. Good luck!

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The very first painting I did back in January 2006 as a part of this "daily painting" project was a pencil. I remember studying that pencil intensely, looking at how the warm light was affecting the colors on the yellow painted wood and in the shadow. As silly as it may sound to some I remember how wonderful it was to be there painting it, just me and that no.2 pencil. No filling in bubbles on tests or writing essays. It was all about learning how to paint and learning how to observe.

Not much has changed from then to now. I enjoy the process of painting today as much as ever. The only thing that's changed is now it's a little less tricky than it used to be. But it's still not easy...

Have a great weekend.


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