Cloud Study no.2 6x6 in.

cloud painting
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Here's another cloud painting from this past weekend. I am intrigued by clouds and skies. I think I could paint clouds for a whole year and not get bored. They make such interesting shapes and are particularly interesting to me in the evenings and just after storms.


flygye12 said...

wish you could come here in Delhi and paint...we are getting these beautiful monsoon clouds....but it never rains :(

jilly ballantyne said...

oooh ! i love this one, vanilla skies. fantastic Justin!
jilly in france

Alina said...

waw that's a very nice painting, i wish i could paint more realistic paintings but until now i did not find my style, i just paint whatever comes in mind check out my blog if you wanna http://alina-justsomestuff.blogspot.com

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I really like your clouds Justin.

I've got my own - but I petered out in terms of producing them and I think I need to adopt your approach of just going for pure cloud!

Takeyce said...

I feel the same way, Justin! Sometimes I'm told that I have my head in the clouds... can you blame me when they are as beautiful as you've captured here?!

sanahthediva said...

wow i love this one, even i am artist i usually do abstract and potraits...u are givin me an inspiration to do some sky..