Recent Figurative Paintings

A few weeks ago I said I was going to post more figurative paintings... so here are a couple of recent ones. I don't consider these to be Daily Paintings, as I spent more than the typical three hours on each, but I thought you might like to see them.

Afternoon Laundry 14x9 in.

I started this painting with the intention of painting two figures but soon realized that just one made for a more interesting painting. Sabrina was standing with the basket resting on her hip, head pointing downward and the clothesline leading to her face. These subtleties were more interesting to me than what was actually going on...ahem...laundry.

Natalie 10x8 in.

This one's a straight forward portrait of my wife, Natalie.

Both of these paintings will be in the Richeson Art Exhibition next month (June).


Peter Yesis said...

Both are beautiful. I really enjoy how you composed both the figure and the portrait. The portrait has a wonderful sense of movement. You should be very pleased with these.

Karin Jurick said...

oh Justin, they're wonderful. I will always want to see more figuratives from you. Just beautiful.

devin said...

Love both of these. GREAT work.really.

Next up is robots, right? Not enough paintings of robots in the world.

Angel said...

I love your art, but most of all PEOPLE you paint. Very nice!

Larry Seiler said...

congrads on the Richeson show, Justin...was just down there about a month ago and saw a show that was still hanging.

Nice space for exhibition...