orange no.2 5x5 in.

Hi everyone!

I've gotton a few questions recently about purchasing these paintings so I thought I would clarify the current buying process.

For the most part, I will be putting my daily paintings up for bid on eBay. If a painting doesn’t have any bids after the listing time is completed, usually 5 days, then it will be available for purchase from my website for $85 plus $5 shipping (International shipments are $10.50).

On a different note...
There is a small blurb about me in this month’s issue
of Domino Magazine (july/august) . I am featured on pg 57 along with some other great artists who sell their artwork online. If you’re interested in checking it out it's available at book stores like Borders.

Domino Magazine website: http://www.dominomag.com

Okay, on to the painting...


orange oil painting
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